Solvang – The European City Lost in The Heart of California

Solvang is located in the state of California, but only its location shows that it is in fact an American city. It was found in 1911 by Danish immigrants. I knew only these two facts when I arrived there, but I was going to find a lot more.

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The town is very small and cozy. It has the authentic Danish architecture and colours. Although the avenues are not as small as the ones in Denmark, they have the perfect balance between the European and American. Its famous windmill is standing in the middle of the town with its enchanting façade, as if it is smiling back at all of the people passing by.

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After spending 4 months in the US, I was eager to have a meal closer to the ones I have back home. Since in the town of Solvang all of the restaurants have an international cuisine, I had a Belgium beer and a Danish soup. Everything tasted and smelled so good. There are numerous wine tasting places around town and a lot of bakeries that attract visitors every other minute with the smell of freshly baked goods.

20150924_234442 20150924_23423020150924_233930 20150924_234546 20150924_234551

Since the hot Californian sun was making the heat almost unbearable, I managed to quickly go around the gift shops nearby and buy me some magnets. All of them offered hand-made souvenirs, as well as the typical Danish national dresses and shoes. As I was finding my way through the small narrow streets between the shops, I felt as if I was in some magical story and I didn’t want to hear the end.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. travelfranzi says:

    So cool 🙂 your pictures are amazing!

    1. Mons says:

      Thank you! 🙂

    1. Mons says:

      It really was, like a fairy tale.

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