New York And All Of Its Lights

So, it was my third year in the US and my eight or ninth time in NYC. Although, I’ve seen everything a tourist should, plus a few things off the beaten path, I had never seen the City at night. This time, as we had a slight problem with leaving our luggage at the airport, it was already dark outside.

I was excited that I would see Times Square with all of its lights. But, what I was most anxious to see was the city from above. I’ve climbed twice the Empire State Building, both times during the day. This time I was up for the Rockefeller Center. What I saw from the top will always remain in my mind. Afterwards, we went far away to where the World Trade Center is, but it was way to late to go to its top.  I’ll let my pictures tell the rest.

20150919_220810 20150919_22305020150919_235631 20150919_224034 20150919_224159 20150919_224716 20150920_022503 20150920_081153 20150920_053938 20150920_061911 20150920_092048


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  1. Some lovely night time photos of NYC

    1. Mons says:

      Thank You 🙂

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