Top 5 Beaches I would Love to Visit

It’s officially summer! Everyone is planning their vacations and I am not an exception. But, till my precious vacation days come I have to manage to work and not feel too sad about it. However, this turned out to be a very difficult task. While I was browsing and searching for something work related, I couldn’t…

5 top Greek islands

I told you that I am a contributor writer for NFS, and since my articles are travel related, I decided to provide you with a link to my last one. Here it is:  Top 5 Islands To Visit In Greece  . Well, honestly, I’ve never been to any of these, but there are on my bucket…

Drama, Greece and its little secret

Since, I promised to write a little bit more about Drama, Greece, here it is. 🙂 I was promised a trip to Greece, and happily, my wish became true. I am thinking about the time, my boyfriend told me something like: “Yes, I would take you there(Greece)”, and what I’ve heard: “Your wish is my…

Kavala, Greece and its heavenly beach

So, my vacation is over and I finally have more time to write in my blog. 🙂 My first time in Kavala, Greece was very very nice! I loved the beautiful houses that started down from the sea and made their way up the hill. The stillness of the blue water, that can calm everyone….

Kavala, Greece <3

The day was hot, but a nice breeze made it bearable. It was noon and the sun was high above us, and not a single cloud could be seen. We were finally reaching our destination – Kavala, Greece.