Istanbul and Formula 1

When a friend of mine invite me on a trip to Istanbul to watch Formula 1, I did not hesitate. I was ready for my second visit to Turkey.

Magical Dream on a Boat – Turkey

I have to say, that this day was the best one, during our visit in Turkey. I don’t know, what is it with me and water, but I am like enchanted near it. My first taught was – Oh, no a yacht(or a little ferryboat). After the bad experience on the big one, when we…

Pamukkale and Cleopatra’s Pool

It was our last day in Turkey and we went to see Pamukkale. The bus took us there, and we had lunch first. After that we went through some kind of a security system. We continued walking on a narrow path. Along it, there were remains of an old town, I think the name was…

First time in Turkey

I’ve always liked the saying that we should focus on the journey, not the destination. But, does 13 hours in a bus to Marmaris, count as a journey? Sure, we could see part of Turkey(from the bus). Mostly trees, open country and even some towns(the names of which we did not understand) we passed through….