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Today I’m going to share my interview with the amazing creator of the

The Teal Ribbon Girl(TRG), as she calls herself, is a very unique person. She is from Northern Ireland. She travels and makes cakes. But, this is not everything she does. The TRG is also a musician and occasional knitter. And if this is not enough, she is completely in love with photography and her pictures are astonishing. Below, you can read her answers to my questions, as well as look at some of her great pictures.

cake forr cover cake for cover

What was that particular moment that made you decide to become a blogger?

I began with a WordPress blog during my time at university – I made a very specific blog which I ended up deleting after a few months because I thought it was silly. It was nearly a year after, that I decided to make a new one. I discovered that I realty enjoyed photography and I wanted a creative space for my photos!

Do you read other blogs for inspiration?

I do! I love reading other blogs – especially blogs about Northern Ireland or Cake!

Besides writing, cooking, and of course photography, what do you do for a living? 

I am currently a musician. I don’t technically have a proper job at the moment, but I’m still young! There’s still time.

What are the top 5 recipes you would recommend?

I’ve put some of my own recipes here and some other recipes that are also scrumptious:

  1. Chocolate chip cookies – usually these disappear into peoples’ stomachs within minutes of vacating the oven…. 

chocolatechipcookies cccp

  1. The life saver High altitude cake of my dreams! 

I’ve made this cake on my blog also – under the title Colorado Lemon cake! 

coloradolemoncake2 coloradolemoncake

  1. These brownies are absolute heaven –

  1. These potatoes are amazing –

  1. This last recipe is probably my favourite – it’s a family recipe handed down from my Great Granny – my most inspiring and awesome role model!

babciaa babcia

What is your favourite recipe?

My favourite recipe is the Honey cake in the last question – it’s so simple! We have it every Easter and Christmas as part of our Polish Traditions.

2honeycake honeycake

What are the top 5 destinations in Northern Ireland, that you would recommend?

 Ooooooh! Good question! Well there’s so much to choose from!

I’ve specifically not included the Giant’s Causeway because everybody goes there! 


For all you game of thrones fans! Beware of the photographers though!

darkriede darkride


This place is so beautiful! Beautiful views of the sea too!

downhill downhill2


Also for you game of thrones fans!

ironislands ironislad


My favourite little boot shaped Island  – you can see Puffins and seals – what more could you want?

lighth lithghtt


Finally – some history for you – this place is amazing ! You can spend an entire day here!

Do you have a bucket list? If yes, please share it with us!

Yes! It’s really long – i’ll cut it down!

Iceland, Russia, the Amazon, Paris, going whale watching in Norway, Seeing the Northern Lights, Italy…….There’s so much more but I don’t want to sound greedy!

Tell us more about your words of the day!

My words of the day posts were a way of  learning/relearning languages – I think learning other languages is a very important thing to do – Everyone should learn at least one other language!

Now, about the photography. When did you find out you have a passion for it?

My Dad got a new fancy Nikon camera and I kept borrowing it! I discovered how much I enjoyed taking pictures of things!

I was given a similar Nikon for Christmas (I know! I’m a very lucky girl!) and  I have been using it ever since!

trg3 trg

And last, but not least, what is your favourite hobby? Photography, cooking or creating new stuff?

Ahhhh, such a difficult question – I think creating new stuff – and by stuff I mean music. I’m a musician at heart and music has always been such a big part of my life. Some of the most special people in my life are there because I met them through music.

And here is the “short questions” section. Answer with one word!

Something sweet or something salty?

Sweet! (Always…..)

Hot or cold drinks?


I never travel without…?

My camera

Favourite cake?


What would your life be without ?

Very Dull!





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  1. OMG thank you so much for featuring my potatoes 🙂 They are a house classic!!!

    1. Mons says:

      You’re welcome!

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